Hazim character sketch 2 4.png
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Hazim photo 1.png
Hazim character sketch final 1.png

A photo of my cousin


Rough sketch

Character sketch

Final version

Workshop from Norwich University of the Arts

orange box.png
20210904_134411 1.png

Container boxes as form


Isometric sketch

Front elevation

Sketchup model

Final design

Workshop from Norwich University of the Arts

Workshop from Norwich University of the Arts

Light switch project

I came up with a concept design of a light switch that can adjust the intensity of the light but works like a normal switch's form factor

This is how a switch works normally, you just press down to switch on and press up to switch on


Front view
side view


The new switch design needs a portion where it can adjust the brightness while keeping the normal physics

To acheive this concept I designed a switch in circular form which should have the ability to regulate and adjust the intensity of the light.


Front view
side view


In order to adjust the intensity of the light, one has to turn on the switch first so that the switch will be at a level where it can the rotated

A simple concept where you can adjust the lighting of a room however you want

This is just a concept, the execution of this idea is a conversation for another day. From what I understood after a mild research, it is possible to build a switch that is shown above. I just think that this type of switch will be very user-friendly
and cost-efficient. I have seen some light dimmers that can reduce the brightness that cost extra money,
but I haven’t seen a switch that works exactly like this.


Pencil sketch


Digital version

landing page

Toysrus landing page.png
Toysrus landing page.png

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