Website design


Epic raft is a place where you can buy/sell accounts with pre-bought games without spending a lot of money.

this is a concept platform I researched and developed from scratch. An idea that would be really helpful for gamers around the world who didn't get the chance to buy the game during the limited time period

Tools used :

How does it work?

Every week, the epic games store have a free giveaway of some games for a limited time. So theoretically the epic raft team will create new accounts and add those games to the epic games library. Over time, several accounts will be available to buy on the epic raft website in a low budget

I wanted the design to have a classy gaming aura where the user could say this is a gaming related website at first glance

Frame 7.png
Frame 8.png

After designing the accounts section I felt something was missing. so I tried using different shapes, colours for the boxes but they weren't the problem.

So I downloaded some stock photos, Edited them in photoshop to match with the overall tone of my website so it could go with the background


This is my first draft of the wireframe that derived from the basic concept

CamScanner 09-22-2021 20.24.34-2.png
CamScanner 09-22-2021 20.24.34-1.png
CamScanner 09-22-2021 20.22.55.png
Frame 105-min.png

I didn't think expect much when I started using the images, but this turned out way better than I imagined

Final product

I researched and experimented with various types of design, different fonts, colours, illustrations and finally landed on a dark materialistic design.



complete prototype of the final design

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