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Website analysis


Cowin is the covid-19 vaccine booking website. I had a lumpy user experience when I tried to access their services. There are faults in the user experience and the interface. Scroll down to view my analysis and breakdown of this website



This logo lacks the basic design principles like the positioning of logomark and wordmark. Poor font choice for this particular style. The location of the brand slogan looks incomplete for the lockup. overall, It's a lazy design with no aesthetics.

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Colours used

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This colour combination and shades look outdated and could make the overall UI

underwhelming for users. This website could be better if the colour selections have better contrast and a user friendly design

Colours i would recommend using


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The drop shadow in these buttons appears to be outdated. The excessive opacity and irregular blur look like a rushed design. If we reduce the opacity, increase the blur, and position the shadows more carefully, the buttons would look much better

My recommended design
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Millions of people use this website every day for vaccines. According to my survey, I have concluded that 86% of the people had a bad user experience and trouble with the login process.


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This website lacks a one-time login feature that leads a person to consistently wait for the otp sign-in, which makes it frustrating for the person when the vaccine gets unavailable caused by the time taken for logging in

A system where a user is constantly logged in could be more user-friendly


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Unnecessary navigation confuses the users. The A+, A, A-  is for adjusting the size of the layout.

however, the user could just adjust the size manually by pressing ctrl and +

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Amongst the top navigation, there's a 'skip to main content' button which leads to the landing page of the website. The problem is that this button disappears when you scroll away from the landing page. Which questions the rational point of this button.

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Under vaccination services, all the sub-navigation buttons lead to the same page. Every single button in that section is repeated and unnecessary


The pros I found on this website is the impressive dashboard section which is surprisingly different from the other parts of this website.

Group 63333.png

This portion of the website is well designed and very responsive. Up-to-date graphical

elements and a good choice of colours to convey the statistics. The graphs and the pie charts on this page is very interactive which adds to a good user experience

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